Soaring in the past. Hope for the future.

Soaring Nova Scotia was first put up on the internet in 2007. It was created to provide soaring information for soaring pilots and those interested in soaring in Nova Scotia. At that time the Bluenose Soaring Club had just been discontinued and its assets were contribied to the Air Currency Enhancement Society with the intention of rebuilding the soaring community in the province. As of 2014, that has not come to pass. Much of that equipment (gliders and winches) have been sold or are not being used.

Soaring in Nova Scotia is now very limited and there is only one sailplane here capable of serious soaring. This site will no longer contain information on current gliding and soaring in Nova Scotia and will contain only the history of soaring in Nova Scotia and links to information on the sport of soaring as practice around the world. Perhaps even include some Sailplane simulations. Let the manager (me) know what you would like to see here. (

June 27 2014