Soaring Activities

The pictures below show some of the past activity in gliding/soaring in Nova Scotia and by Nova Scotians in other places.

Gliding is a group activity - This is an Air Cadet Flight line

Winch Launches are fast, steep and exciting - Here the Bluenosse Soaring Club is reversing ends from which the launch takes place. This is necessary when the wind shifts direction.
Learning - Here BSC instructor explains launch procedures and safety precautions.
Aircraft maintenance - Here glider C-GALN's wing is being repaired for sturcture damage.
Friendships - Soaring is a worldwide activity and it is a wonderful opportunity to
meet people with similar interests
Hanger Flying - after a day of flying the pilots usually gather at the end of the day to describe
and compare their flights.
Working Together - The Bluenose gas engine winch was on a truck body and here was
transfered to a more compact and more easily used trailer.
Road Trips - Here the glider C-FVKA is in its trailer heading for a week of soaring
in Vermont with other soaring pilots from Ontario.
Visiting New Places - Here a Nova Scotian pilot is flying in a motorglider (engine off) over the
New Mexico mountain, Sierra Blanca.  This flight originated out of Alamogordo, N.M.
Aerial view from sailplane over Sacramento Mountains in New Mexico
New Soaring Experiences - This a view from a Nova Scotia sailplane ridge soaring over
the Mad River Valley in Vermont. The ski area of Sugarbush is seen again the distance mountain.
High Flying - Here the Nova Scotia glider, PW-6, is mountain flying in British Columbia

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